Lindy's Gang Magicals Set Neon Graffiti Flat Magicals

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Add brilliant color and scrumptious sparkle to your craft projects with Lindy's Gang Magicals. These versatile powders can be used straight out of the jar of mixed with a variety of mediums to create one-of-a-kind projects!

Limor Webber has done it again! She has created an amazingly bright, neon palette that boasts brilliant colors with a true flat black and true flat white! These colors are a MUST for mixed media projects as they blend perfectly with each other, (no mud here!)!!
  • 0.25oz jar
  • Non-toxic, acid-free powdered dyes
  • Use on fabric, paper, polymer clay, leather, wood, most porous surfaces and more
  • From watercoloring to colorizing any medium to mixed media projects, Lindy's Magicals do it all
  • Found in Limor Webber's NEON GRAFFITI sets
  • Made in the USA

    Limor Webber's Neon Graffiti Flat Magical Set includes:

    • Urban Amethyst - a bright neon purple color.
    • Sidewalk Chalk - a pure white color.
    • Poppin' Pink - a bright neon pink color.
    • Luminous Lemon - a bright neon yellow color.
    • Blazing Black - a pure black color.