PaperArtsy Fresco Finish - A Bit Fishy

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A Bit Fishy: is a see-through, translucent chalk finish acrylic paint. 50ml Made in France

Fresco Finish Acrylics are top quality, highly pigmented water based, environmentally friendly, matte acrylic paints. No need for undercoat or primer on many surfaces: paper, card, metal, wood, ceramic, canvas etc.

A Bit Fishy has low coverage/ opacity. Perfect for colouring in, adding layers of 'oomph' and brightness to any project or colour mixing. The chalky, matte effect finish is perfect to stamp on. Dilute with water for a wash, or mix with a medium or Grunge Paste to adjust the thickness. If you wish to create an opaque version of this colour: add 50:50 colour and white as a base, then apply a second layer of the pure translucent for an opaque effect - perfect for colour mixing.

Shake well before using. Easy clean up in warm water. Low or no VOC's. Eco Friendly. Indoor-outdoor use

Please note: Colour varies greatly from screen to screen. So colours can only be taken as an approximation.