PaperArtsy Ink and the Dog Stamp Gentlemen 5

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Ink and The Dog Collection is THE original PaperArtsy stamp collection. We launched with 60 plates in 2003 which were designed collaboratively by Nea Nygard and Leandra Franich.
The stamps were created from Vintage collected imagery with small format ATC art in mind. Subsequent collections; I&D Minis (smaller) and Vintage ink & the Dog (larger), all pull from the same back catalogue of imagery.
Each family in the collection has 4-10 stamp sets, and are available both unounted as a red rubber sheet, or EZ (cling) mounted with each image individually trimmed ready for use with an acrylic blocks.
Plate size 8.5 x 12.5 cm (3.5in x 5in)